Julia Schwarz is a designer focused on design research and the experience through design.  With her work she influences and shapes perspectives, suggest alternative potential futures. Critical design leads her direction to be social and system driven. Julia is highly interested in the intersection of design and science and to use design as a research tool.

She creates experience and interactions related to different social behavior and environments and
 deals with concept design, research, storytelling and film, UX, branding and art direction. 

As a person Julia is also interested in triathlon sports, experimental cooking and material explorations. 

Julia gained already experience through work and studies in the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Italy and Austria.

She made it among the TOP FUTURE 100: 2019  by JWT -  Top 10 for food & drink, new ingredients with Unseen Edible. 

And she is listed as one of the most influential Designer for 2019 by ICON DESIGN 100

Unseen Edible is selected as one of the Best Practices in Hanni Rützlers FOODREPORT 2020, Zukunftsinstitut 

2018 Graduated with UNSEEN EDIBLE at University of applied Arts Vienna 
2019 Based in Vienna, Austria - working on upcoming events and projects. Open to new projects! Let's get in touch! 

UPCOMING:  from 27. April : Edible Futures Canada Tour, NOW in Ottawa, CN  
                                                  soon in Vancouver: at  IDS (Vancouver Design Show )

PUBLICATIONS - Read & Listen here:


Perfect Fools, (Hasan & Partners Group) Design Agency
Amsterdam, Netherlands | February 2017 - July 2017
Interaction design intern
www.perfectfools.com, (www.ateliersai.com), www.hasanpartners.fi
Stein Schwarz GmbH Stone Processing
Vienna/Burgenland, Austria | since 2012 - ONGOING
Product Design Development and Art Direction, Design Consultancy

July - August 2011, 2009
Graphic designer

Fabrica, Benetton Design Research Centre
Treviso, Italy | July 2016
Interaction design scholarship
Strassacker GmbH & Co. KG Art Foundry
Süßen, Germany | August-October 2013
Industrial design intern
Ogilvy & Mather Vienna Advertisement Agency
Vienna, Austria | July 2010
Graphic design intern


2012- 2018 Mag. des. ind. (MA) 
University Of Applied Arts Vienna
2016-2018: Design Investigations - Studio Anab Jain (Superflux) 
2012-2016: Industrial Design - Studio Fiona Raby (Dunne&Raby) 
2015 - 2016
Arkitektur og Designhogskole Oslo (AHO)
Tangible Interaction Design
2007 - 2012
Higher College for Product Management & Presentation Oberwart (Austria)

Edible Futures, Canada 2019
Talk for Permakultur Austria, Vienna 2019

EAT Festival, Biotopia Naturkundemuseum, Munich 2019
Rado Starprize Austria 2019, Unexpected Expressive 2019

Dutch Embassy of Food (DIFD), Edible Invisible - 2018
Dutch Design Week, het Veem & Antenna Expo - 2018
Vienna Design Week - 2018
Vienna Design Biennale - Design for Agency 2017
AHO Works Exhibition, Oslo 2015/2016
Elvelangs Lightfestival Oslo 2015 
Salon Jardin Vienna, Vienna 2015
The Essence, Vienna 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018
Shanghai Design Biennale - Urban Change 2014
Chelsea Fringe - exhibition and conference, Vienna 2014

Icon Design: 100 Talenti del 2019 nel Mondo del Progetto ( Top 10 of Food Design) 
Top Future 100: 2019, by JWT intelligence company ( Top 10 of Food Design) 
Antenna Conference - World’s Best Design Graduates, by Design Indaba & Dutch Design Week, 2018
Winner Urban Food Design Challenge, by Vienna Business Agency & Vienna Design Week 2018
ARTist grant of the University of Applied Arts 2018

Recognition Award of the Province of Burgenland 2018
Scholarship of Excellence 2013


Eat My Dear -  Film Postproduction
Johannes Mücke - Storyboard sketching & illustration
Marius Watz - Interactive visuals, data visualisation 
Hellicar&Lewis - Ideation/ Experience the moment

Kathrina Dankl - Ethnographical research methods
Justin Pickard - Anthropological research methods
Björn Franke - Conceptual thinking methods 
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