Hello, I am Julia 

As a designer I am into design research and the experience, trying to influence and shape perspectives, suggest alternative potential futures. I request things often with a critical approach and have a social and system driven focus.
I am highly interested in the intersection of design and science and to use design as a research tool.

I love to create experience and interactions related to different social behavior and environments. 
I deal with concept design, research, storytelling and film, UX, branding and art direction. 

As a person l am very into triathlon sports - especially cycling and exploring new areas. I love to climb up mountains and glaciers with my bike. Stone Materials and Sci-fi are some extras.

I gained experience through work and studies in the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Italy and Austria.

Earlier this year I graduated at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in industrial design with focus on design futures.
Right now I am based in Vienna, Austria - experimenting with lichen and stones, planning my upcoming exhibitions.

See Unseen Edible: The Essence, The end of the year show of the Applied Arts in Vienna: 20-25 Nov 
Recently i was with UNSEEN EDIBLE at Dutch Design Week 
at the Design Indaba's Antenna Conference: antenna.foundation,
and exhibited at Edible Invisible by Dutch Embassy of Food  (Witte Dame, 1st Floor) 

and at het Veem ( 1st floor) 
I made it among the TOP FUTURE 100: 2019 -  Top 10 for food & drink, new ingredients with Unseen Edible. 
Download the full report to about. 

PUBLICATIONS - Read & Listen here:

Perfect Fools, (Hasan & Partners Group) Design Agency
Amsterdam, Netherlands | February 2017 - July 2017
Interaction design intern
www.perfectfools.com, (www.ateliersai.com), www.hasanpartners.fi
Fabrica, Benetton Design Research Centre
Treviso, Italy | July 2016
Interaction design scholarship
Stein Schwarz GmbH Stone Processing
Burgenland, Austria | August since 2012 - ongoing
Product Design Development and Art Direction, Design Consultancy

July - August 2011, 2009
Graphic design intern
Strassacker GmbH & Co. KG Art Foundry
Süßen, Germany | August-October 2013
Industrial design intern
Ogilvy & Mather Vienna Advertisement Agency
Vienna, Austria | July 2010
Graphic design intern


2012- 2018 Mag. des. ind. (MA) 
University Of Applied Arts Vienna
2016-2018: Design Investigations - Studio Anab Jain (Superflux) 
2012-2016: Industrial Design - Studio Fiona Raby (Dunne&Raby) 
2015 - 2016
Arkitektur og Designhogskole Oslo (AHO)
Tangible Interaction Design
2007 - 2012
Higher College for Product Management & Presentation Oberwart (Austria)

Dutch Embassy of Food (DIFD), Edible Invisible - 2018
Dutch Design Week, het Veem & Antenna Expo - 2018
Vienna Design Week - 2018
Vienna Design Biennale - Design for Agency
AHO Works Exhibition, Oslo 2015/2016
Elvelangs Lightfestival Oslo 2015 

Salon Jardin Vienna, Vienna 2015
The Essence, Vienna 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018

Shanghai Design Biennale - Urban Change 2014
Chelsea Fringe - exhibition and conference, Vienna 2014

Top Future 100: 2019, by JWT intelligence company 
Antenna Conference - World’s Best Design Graduates, by Design Indaba & Dutch Design Week, 2018
Winner Urban Food Design Challenge, by Vienna Business Agency & Vienna Design Week 2018
ARTist grant of the University of Applied Arts 2018

Recognition Award of the Province of Burgenland 2018
Scholarship of Excellence 2013


Eat My Dear -  Film Postproduction
Yuri Suzuki - Ototo
Johannes Mücke - Storyboard sketching
Marius Watz - Interactive visuals
Hellicar&Lewis - Ideation/ Experience the moment

Kathrina Dankl - Ethnographical research methods
Justin Pickard - Anthropological research methods
Björn Franke - Conceptual thinking methods 
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